Your Privacy with TLS Inspector

Key Takeaways

We do not track or collect information about you.

TLS Inspector does not require you to create an account or for you to provide us with your personal information to use the app.

We do not use privacy-invading tracking software.

TLS Inspector does not contain any 3rd party tracking software that invades your privacy. We do not collect any information about your device or how you use the app.

We do not know which hosts you inspect.

The process of inspecting hosts happens on your device. We do not collect information about the hosts you inspect with TLS Inspector.

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the TLS Inspector software ("the app").

TLS Inspector is a tool designed to help you browse the web safely by providing you with means to understand the details about a secure internet connection. With that in mind, we have taken great care to ensure that TLS Inspector respects your privacy and protects your information.

Information You Provide the App

Inspection Target

When you use the TLS Inspector software you provide a host or IP Address to the app for inspection. The app connects directly to the host to collect certificates and other security information. The collection of certificate information happens on your device at the time you inspect the host. Apart from certificate status we do not contact any third-party services for information about the host you inspect.

Recent Inspections

By default, the app will store the last 5 inspected hosts on your device. This list is saved locally to your device and is not synchronized with any internet service. You can remove individual hosts from this list or disable this feature entirely from within the app.

Application Logs

The app records information related to the operation of the app in text files, known as "logs", on your device. During normal operation of the app, these logs only contain information about errors. Details about the domains you inspect are not recorded. If you are experiencing problems using TLS Inspector, we may ask that you increase the verbosity of these logs by turning on "Debug Logging". When this setting is enabled, detailed information about the domains you inspect is recorded. These log files are stored locally on your device and are never shared with anybody without your explicit action & consent.

Optional Updates

The app contains a mechanism to optionally check for configuration information from the internet. This configuration information is hosted on, however, TLS Inspector does not communicate directly with Github itself. Instead, requests are proxied to conceal your IP address. The process to check for updates is manual and must be requested by the user through the application settings. The same configuration information is included in updates to the app itself.

Certificate Status Checks

When you inspect a host with the app, we connect directly to the host to collect certificate and other security information. As part of the verification process the app will perform an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) status check to verify the status of certificates. This check involves contacting an external web service and including a fingerprint of the certificate to check. In most situations the authority that issued the certificate is the authority that provides the OCSP check service.

OCSP is an industry standard and used by web browsers and operating systems. It is not deemed a privacy risk; however, you may disable TLS Inspector's built-in OCSP checking in the app settings. However, your device's operating system may still perform an OCSP check by itself, which is beyond our control.

Information You Provide Us

In normal use of the application, you do not provide any information to us. You may choose to contact the TLS Inspector team using E-Mail through links provided in the app or on this website. This is entirely optional and is subject to the normal privacy expectations with sending E-Mail messages.

Questions or Comments

You may email us with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Last Updated: March 14th 2023.
Effective: Immediately.