Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 17th 2017.
Effective: Immediately.

TLS Inspector is a privacy-focused tool that puts users safety first. TLS Inspector is designed to protect users privacy, and therefor extreme care is taken to ensure that information collected by the app is not disclosed or shared except for normal operation of the app.

Key takeaways from this policy
  • We never share the websites you inspect with anybody, including us.
  • We do not collect any information about you or your device.

When you inspect a website with TLS Inspector the app connects directly to the website to collect certificate and other security information. The collection of certificate information happens on your device at the time you inspect the website. We do not use a third-party service to collect the information.

TestFlight Beta Applications

Beta applications are releases that are meant for testing purposes. These releases may contain software faults or other problems. In order for provide users with a reliable service, we release these builds to select users in order to catch these problems before we release the application to the public.

When you sign up for beta released you must provide us with your Apple ID email address. Your address is stored in a cryptographic hash format in a database to prevent duplicate-sign ups. Your email address will be provided to Apple, Inc. to complete the registration process.

Beta applications are distributed using the TestFlight service provided by Apple. This first-party service is tied to your Apple ID and the software is sent to your device using the TestFlight app.

Beta testing is completely voluntary, and users can leave the test at any time by uninstalling the beta application.

Questions or Comments

You may email us with any questions or concerns using this address.