Contribute to TLS Inspector

Writing Code

If you're familiar with iOS Development or OpenSSL we welcome any changes to TLS Inspector. We welcome developers to fork our projects and submit a pull request.

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Test New Features

Public beta testing allows us to release a higher quality product and lets you play with new features before anybody else.

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Report Bugs & Suggestions

We strive to be a welcoming and friendly community. We make an honest effort to consider and respond to all bug reports, questions, and suggestions.

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Share With Your Friends

The continued and rapid growth of TLS Inspector relies on our users sharing the app. Share it with your friends or rate TLS Inspector in the app store.

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Safety & Conduct

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

All contributors - including project leaders - are required to adhere to our code of conduct. Please read through these rules and ensure you follow then when contributing to the community. Any concerns about conduct or the policy itself can be sent to the TLS Inspector Project Manager or reported as an issue on GitHub.