About TLS Inspector

Input & Inspect.

It's really that simple.

Input a domain using the TLS Inspector app, or inspect any website from within your favourite browser using our Inspect Website extension.

No Nonsense Results.

"At a glance" has never been easier.

TLS Inspector will show you the entire issue chain for any website, and whether or not your device trusts that chain.

Dive Deep.

Details for days.

View important properties of any TLS certificate including fingerprints, dates, algorithms, and more.

Stay Safe Online.

No training required.

TLS Inspector makes it easy to detect and avoid man-in-the-middle attacks on unsafe networks by highlighting invalid and untrustworthy certificates.

Right Place, Right Time.

Inspect nearly anything from anywhere.

Easily access TLS Inspector from other apps, such as Safari, with the Show Certificates share sheet action.